Happy Mother´s and Father´s Day!

Dear Sponsor,
Here in Haiti, children of all ages put lots of efforts forward to display their love for their parent’s during Mother’s and Father’s Day. Culturally speaking, this period is celebrated in the country with the same level of passion and excitement as Christmas and Easter.

Quite naturally, because of all that you represent for the children, they celebrate and honor you as well during this period. This year again, as celebrate both parents over the next few weeks, you will be at the forefront or their thoughts because of the parenting role and symbol you are in hearts and minds.

Even the youngest of the children understand that the nurturing and rearing they receive from their biological parents would not be complete without you in their lives. They are grateful every day for your generosity and unconditional love and giving.

For this reason, on behalf your child that you support here at the Bois Negresse school, we would like to wish you a happy Mother’s Day and Father’s Day, and to all the mothers and fathers in your lives.

Additionally, to match the passion and appreciation your child has for you, we have taken the time to share some your child’s personalized family and school pictures with you. Happy Mother’s and Father’s Day!

Warmest Regards,

Antonio Boursiquot
Star of Hope Haiti