A letter from Haiti

Larose Saintelia, Bois Negresse, Haiti

 January 8, 2023 

REPORT: Christmas Food package and sweetie’s kits gift to parents and children in Bois Negresse, Haiti, December 28th, 2022 


2022 is the most difficult year to hold to any schedule.  We realize we need a lot of patience to deal with partners to respect scheduled and often contracts. We are often disappointed.  But, as we are all living the same situation, and if everything went well at the end, we feel blessed and thank God for his grace.  

 We have ordered Christmas food for 350 families for Bois Negresse since mid-November 2022.  It’s only on December 12 the order was available.  It took more than a week trying every day delivering the food to the school.  After many unsuccessful attempts to pass the most dangerous gangs’ area, the food provider decided to change route to other localities to find new route to Bois Negresse.  The loaded trucks took 14 days since the first delivery attempt before reaching the school storage.  And for safety purpose of the food, the delivery was made at 1:00 AM to avoid looting. It was a long time to wait, but a sweet feeling that the food arrived safely to destination. 

We have been and stayed in Bois Negresse for 3 days; from December 26-28 to assist to different activities held in the school as:  Backpacks distribution, Special gift money distribution, Taking children new pictures, Family food distribution, sweets distribution and Christmas party. 

On the December 26th as we put more hours to reach Bois Negresse, after our arrival we decided to prepare the area for each program we have to execute.  The next day we distributed to 500 children backpacks, special gift money from some sponsors and took pictures of new enrolled children and picture of some children who have a picture old than 2 years. 

On December 28th we set the school yard to welcome 350 parents for family food distribution.  All children enjoyed receiving a bag of sweets, which is a delicatesse nowadays as gift from Star of Hope for Christmas. They were also so happy and feel blessed that this year again they have Christmas Party at school celebrating Christmas with their classmates. 

When it was the turn for all parents to receive their food kits for Christmas that consist only of 2 ingredients: 1 bag of 12.5 Kg of rice and ½ gallon of cooking oil, it was a moment full of joy and of gratitude toward this precious gift from Star of Hope.  A food kit that came in each kitchen at a time of dryness, food shortage, nothing to harvest, no daily labor work that result to no money to purchase and to bring food to the household’s table. 

Larose Saintelia has a household of 11 people: 7 children, 3 grandchildren and herself.  1 of her children and 3 grandchildren attend Bois Negresse school.  Saintelia’s husband was murdered at the border of Haiti and the Dominican Republic.  She is a daily laborer.  She is not land or farm owner.  Because of the severe draught that stretches over 2 months now, it’s hard to find food on the market as a result it was a burden to bring food to the family table that was a challenge every day before receiving this Christmas food kit from Star of Hope.  Saintelia said she’s grateful for receiving this Christmas food kit and want to thank on behalf of all the other families all sponsors who have contributed and made it possible for 350 families in Bois Negresse to feel blessed in this difficult time. 

On behalf of the community of Bois Negresse, Star of Hope Haiti is thanking everyone and all who have contributed to share their love and support to 350 families and 460 children in Bois Negresse by making it possible to enjoy and share the warmth of Christmas.  Star of Hope Haiti is also wishing all and everyone a Happy New Year full of blessings.  

Myrtha Dor 

Star of Hope, Haiti